What is Decentralization?

One of the most exciting aspects of blockchain technology is that it is entirely decentralized, rather than stored in one central point. This removes the need for powerful central authorities and instead hands control back to the individual user. Rather than relying on a central authority to securely transact with other users, blockchain utilizes innovative consensus protocols across a network of nodes, to validate transactions and record data in a manner that is incorruptible.

DASTS Decentralized Network doesn’t rely on a central point of control.

A lack of a single authority makes the system fairer and considerably more secure. The way in which data is recorded onto a blockchain epitomizes its most revolutionary quality: its value of decentralization. As a blockchain is a ledger of information it is extremely important that the information being stored is honest and accurate.
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Use DASTS anytime, anywhere.

DASTS Decentralized Network will bring its payment ecosystems to even more consumers and businesses across the world. We have been deploying our blockchain based ETHEREUM Smart Contracts, and partnerships with Merchant from multiple industries.

Providing a borderless payment ecosystems beyond fiat.

There are many reasons why people are now turning to cryptocurrency .



Smart contracts are a piece of code that facilitate the exchange of anything of value, including money, content, property and shares. Commercial transactions and agreements are conducted automatically without the need for a middleman, as the smart contract enforces the obligations of all involved parties.



Transferring money has always been a long and expensive process, especially when it comes to cross-border payments. Blockchain technology not only makes the process faster and simpler -- it also significantly lowers cost.



Decentralized blockchains allow transactions to be made directly from person to person without the assistance of a third-party. This dramatically improves financial efficiency and allows people to be less reliant on banks or other financial institutions. This can save a lot of people money for people in fees and other costs associated with using banks. This feature of blockchain technology is very appealing to many people who wish to save money in their finances.



Blockchain is one of the most secure technologies that currently exists because it has defined financial rules and a clear process for verifying transactions. From healthcare giants to banks, most corporations are looking to implement this technology for safe use.


DASTS Decentralized Network is a leading provider of merchant services . We offer Payment Gateway and services for multiple Industries. Accept payments through DASTS Tokens,  and  get rewarded. We work with you to find the best services to suit your unique business needs and goals.

DASTS improved the effectiness of detective and oreventive controls through enhanced visibility and monitoring . We build faster , stronger collaboration and communication between Businesses and Consumers . 


DASTS Decentralized Network is a blockchain-based loyalty and rewards platform which creates an open-loop decentralized ecosystem, handing back control to the customers. Customers would only need to use DASTS wallet to manage all their rewards programs and freely convert their DASTS tokens to a program, transfer points to another, or trade it with millions of other users on the platform using the ERC20 token.

Blockchain Brings What Customers Want: Simplicity, Immediacy


Unlike traditional rewards programs because there are too many cards to carry and overcomplicated.

This is why Blockchain could transform loyalty programs.

DASTS can be used for exchange with anythings the Merchant's imagination can conjure.

It could be :


  • Tickets to an event 

  • An access to a services 

  • In-game currency and items


  • Gift cards

  • Airline miles

  • Reward points

  • Coupons


  • Golds

  • Silver 

  • Precious coins

  • Cryptocurrencies


DASTS Reward System

Use DASTS  to start shopping and enjoy rewards

''DASTS tokens can be used in Social Networks ecosystem to purchase services and also be used externally to the entertainment platform, too. It allows every user to participate and make money.”