Today TUMS stablecoin starts to list on the BitXmi crypto exchange.
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"TUMS(T令)stablecoin stayed on the market; The First Peer-to-Peer Social Network Sharing Economy Chain - DASTS Decentralized Networks as its community continue improving the functionality of their asset. What makes it different from Tether? With TUMS(T令), you can be sure that its value is totally backed up by futures, fiats, gold, silver, and other assets. Qualified custodian regulated & Financial Services (LFSA).Collateralized by the USD and backed up by fiat, silver, gold, and other assets."

About DASTS Decentralized Networks
The First Peer-to-Peer Social Network Sharing Economy Chain.
Money has been part of human history for thousands of years. Before that time, bartering is a direct trade of goods and services that was likely used. DASTS Blockchain offering the ability to run Decentralized Applications, thereby bringing about efficiency, privacy and security gains. Our mission is to escalate the market value by providing the community & consumers with reliable and transparent services using Blockchain; to be able to participate, fund and engage directly with projects that they like and support. Our belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology is shown in our commitment by developing its practical applications, and to help this industry grow, we believe that this will truly make the world a better place for everyone.


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Erc20 Contract address : 0xc3E9A35DE16cbA3AFC294daE7eb7d17174c411F5


Blockchain 3.0 offering the ability to run applications and establish smart contracts. DASTS Affiliate marketing allows every user to participate and make money, token can be used in Social Networks ecosystem to purchase services, also be used externally to the all entertainment platform and 30 million overseas merchants .

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